Viña del Mar
Tours & Activities


Viña del Mar is located 8 km from Valparaiso, but nowadays both are together and connected. It is at 120 kilometres from Santiago.

The important touristic affluence that occurs during summer has promoted during the last years a significant development in this beautiful garden city.

A unique architecture, the beautiful parks, squares and the long beach between Caleta Abarca and Concon, are some of the attractions you can find in Viña.

The Yacht Club de Chile is a yacht club located in Caleta Higuerilla. This club was established in Viña del Mar in 1955.

Artequin Museum of Viña del Mar, located in the Parque Potrerillos in Viña del Mar, this newly opened museum has as mission to bring children and youths from the region for the Visual Arts in an entertaining way.

The Viña del Mar International Film Festival is considered within the most important film festivals in Chile and Latin America.

Another important event is the Viña del Mar International Song Festival, held at the amphitheater located in the Quinta Vergara, one of the largest green areas of the city. The amphitheater of the Quinta Vergara was built in the 1960s. There is also the Palacio Vergara, with a major museum. The trees placed around are of various exotic species introduced there in the 19th century when was still the Hacienda de las Siete Hermanas, to the delight of their owners.

The Municipal Theatre of Viña del Mar, located in front of Plaza de Viña, is a center of cultural and artistic events of first importance in Chile. In the neighboring block is also the traditional and elegant Club de Viña, with a classical facade.

The Museum of Naval Canyons is an outdoor museum, located on the road Jorge Montt (connecting Viña del Mar with the beaches of Las Salinas with Reñaca), whose beach is exhibiting several pieces of artillery, in front of the facilities of the Chilean Navy.

The Fonk Museum, located at 4 Norte, is a museum which exhibits archaeological objects of Chile, mainly from Easter Island and Mapuche culture.